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McKinney New Fence and Fence Repair

Have you noticed that your McKinney fence seems to have lost the warm, rich glow that it use to have, and now has started to become gray and weathered looking? Many times this damage occurs because of prolonged exposure to the sun or water, causing drying or mildew. Sometimes the damage can be blamed on insect infestation. Even if you have a very fancy high dollar fence, with iron inserts and expensive custom gates, if the wood is old and discolored and splintered, then the entire fence looks dilapidated.

Wood does decompose over time because it is an organic material. It is vulnerable to fungus from moisture exposure. Also the UV rays of the sun can dry out the wood, causing cracking, warping, fading and sagging. Wood also has some natural enemies in the insect world – termites and carpenter ants.

Sometimes the damage to your fence is so extensive that you just need to replace your entire existing McKinney fence by calling the best Fence Company in Texas– Texas Best Fence. Other times, you may be able to extend the life of your fence a few more years by taking some simple steps.


1. You may have a healthy, pretty fence trapped in the body of an ugly gray shell. Your best fence is waiting to reveal itself. Wood often turns gray over a long period of time from frequent exposing to moisture. The moisture causes mildew to build up in the very fibers of the wood. This causes the gray appearance. If this is the only thing wrong with your fence, and your fence is still structurally sound, then perhaps all you need to do is just remove the outer layer of gray wood to reveal the fresh warm wood that is hiding underneath. How can you remove this outer layer of gray cells? This can be accomplished by using a power washer to strip the wood of dirt and mildew. Afterwards, you will be left with clean wood that looks like new.

2. After the fence is clean from the power washing, you will immediately want to use a mildewcide to treat the wood, prior to application of the final coat of clear seal.

3. If you do not treat the wood with a final coat of clear seal, then soon the wood will just becomes gray again with mildew. Therefore, it is vital to give the wood a treatment with a high quality water-repellent sealer. This will help to reduce and repel moisture absorption. Make sure that the sealer you use includes a UV inhibitor. This will allow the fence to resist damage from the sun, including premature drying. Once the final clear seal is applied, you have protected your investment, but you will still want to reapply the coating at least once every two years.


It is not possible to completely eliminate all of the weathering of wood on your McKinney fence. But it certainly is possible to minimize the effects and slow down the aging and deterioration. The best way to minimize those effects and extend the life of your fence is by sticking to a good program of maintenance as soon as your well-built fence is installed – a best fence by Texas Best Fence.

1. The life of your fence will be longer if it is built durable from the beginning. You can prevent early deterioration of your fence by avoiding using cheap materials and by avoiding the use of a fence installation company that is not reputable. Texas Best Fence is the best Fence Company in McKinney, Tx. They will construct a solid, quality fence for you right from the start. They use only the best products such as posts made out of steel instead of wood, set into concrete 3 feet deep, planks that come from cedar wood, instead of pine, because cedar naturally repels insects, lumber that has been saturated and pre-dipped (not just sprayed on) with a UV resistant stain and sealer, and strong, solid gates with custom iron inserts. Texas Best Fence is confident that they build the best fence in McKinney. Therefore, they offer the longest warranty in the industry – 10 years!

2. After your beautiful new solid fence, the best fence available on the market today, has been constructed by Texas Best Fence, you will want to be sure to keep your fence free from pests such as carpenter ants and termites. You should perform frequent inspections around the perimeter of your fence and search for any visible evidence of these wood destroying insects. If you see any signs of their presence, then do not waste any time calling an exterminator, or treating the infestation yourself with appropriate treatments to remove these pests. Carpenter ants and termites have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to many home owner’s properties. They can eat right through piers, supports, posts and slats of decks and fences.

3. Another important suggestion for prolonging the life of your fence as long as possible is to avoid positioning your sprinkler heads so that they are spraying right onto certain areas of your McKinney fence. We’ve all seen fences with faded outlines of water marks from years of exposure to sprinklers.

4. Continue to keep your McKinney best fence in tip top shape by keeping it clean, and by re-sealing it every 2 or 3 years with a clear water sealer that contains the appropriate UV inhibitors.

It is important to keep in mind that, although you can prolong the life of your investment by following the tips in this article, a fence still will eventually age. They have a limited life span of about 7 to 10 years. If your fence is close to that age, then it probably is more cost effective to just invest in a new fence, rather than continuing to pay out money for maintenance or fence repair. If the fence posts are split or broken, or the wood is beginning to sag and deteriorate or rot, then just cleaning and re-sealing will not be enough to bring it back to its original condition. In that case, you must contact a trustworthy fence company with a good reputation and many years of experience and thousands of happy customers. Get a free estimate from the best fence company in McKinney – Contact Texas Best Fence! Make sure you get the best fence for the best deal by the best company!