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Denton, Texas New Fence Staining and Repair

Texas Best Fence offers state of the art fence staining and repair services right in the heart of Denton, Texas New fence staining and repair is quick, easy, and economical with Texas Best Fence! From new fence staining to older fence repair, Texas Best Fence offers state of the art wooden fencing services with guaranteed workmanship.

Texas Best Fence’s experience speaks for itself. With an average of two projects completed each day, or approximately 500 projects per year, TBF offers the experience and know-how to get your fencing project off the ground today!

New Fence Staining
Installing a new wooden fence is a great option for maintaining privacy, increasing security, and generally improving the overall look of your home and yard. However, this important investment requires some regular attention. First and foremost, wooden fences must be stained in order to preserve the beautiful wooden structure and prevent the hot Texas sun, and particularly the sometimes rough climate of Denton’s Tornado Alley location, from wreaking havoc on your lovely wooden fence.

To get the most out of your wooden fence, it’s best to stain the fence at least once every five years, or once every three years during severe weather. This will help fight against burrowing insects, and keep fungus and mold at bay. Texas Best Fence uses Ready Seal to treat wood from the inside out. Thanks to its paraffin oil content, deep penetrating Ready Seal is absorbed by the wood, making it the ideal sealer.

What’s more, Texas Best Fence’s Ready Seal helps restore beautiful color to your wooden fencing. Available in seven colors, Texas Best Fence’s recommended sealant and stain can be applied without stripping or sanding. Ready Seal is the best option to quickly get rid of that sad gray color from exposure to sun or the horrible green mildew caused by exposure to too much humidity and rain.

Fence Repair
For more serious wooden fence renovations in Denton, Texas Best Fence also offers fence repair services. While stains and sealants do wonders on the above ground portions of a wooden fence, the underground portions may be more difficult to protect. Since they’re in constant contact with underground moisture and an easy target for burrowing insects, the underground parts of wooden fences may require special attention.

Texas Best Fence’s highly qualified staff can recommend the best course of action. From repairing existing wood to replacing older pickets, rails, and lumbers with newer, pressure treated models, Texas Best Fence can work with you to keep your wooden fence looking as good as new. Pressure treated cedar rails ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish to any fence repair.

Why Choose Texas Best Fence?
While many try to imitate, Texas Best Fence is the only Texas new fence staining and repair company to offer such an extensive guarantee. Texas Best Fence’s high quality, professional staff come highly recommended by fellow Texans in Denton and neighboring towns. What’s more, Texas Best Fence also offers a ten year guarantee on all workmanship and lifetime resealing treatments.